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Resistivity Chamber

The 12702A/B resistivity chamber is a shield box containing electrodes. Together with an electrometer, it is used to measure the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of sheet, filmy and platy samples.
The pressure of the electrodes can be varied according to the sample used, allowing the sample to be fixed firmly regardless of its hardness. The chamber has a capability to measure the sample thickness necessary to calculate the volume resistivity by using a micrometer. In addition, it is provided with a volume/surface resistivity measurement switch and an applied voltage ON/OFF switch which turns on and off according to opening and closing of the cover.


Electrode diameters:

  12702A 12702B
Main electrode Φ50 mm Φ70 mm
Guard electrode (outer diameter)
Guard electrode (inner diameter)
Φ80 mm
Φ70 mm
Φ100 mm
Φ90 mm
Counter electrode Φ103 mm

Operating environment: Temperature -20 ℃ to  +80 ℃, relative humidity 80 % or less without codensation
Storage environment: Temperature -25 ℃ to + 80 ℃, relative humidity 80 % or less without codensation
Insulation resistance (temperature: 0-40°C, relative humidity: 70% or less, 1000 VDC source):
       Main electrode - Chassis  1×1014 Ω or higher
       Guard electrode - Chassis  1×1010 Ω or higher
       Counter electrode - Chassis  1×10Ω or higher
Dielectric strength: Counter electrode - Chassis  1.5 kV (1 minute), Guard electrode - Chassis 1.5 kV (1 minute)
Maximum sample dimensions: Approx. 130 (W)×10 (H)×130 (D) mm
Minimum sample dimensions: φ85 mm (12702A) / φ105 mm (12702B) or more
Connector: INPUT A triaxial connector, INPUT B M-type connector, V SOURCE biding post
Electrode pressure range: 2 kg to 5 kg
Sample thickness measurement range: 0 to 10 mm (1/10 mm resolution)
Dimensions: Approx. 167 (W)×197 (H)×192 (D) mm
Mass: 2.6 kg or less

Connection diagram:

Connection cable to electrometer (*: supplied accessory): 

Terminal 5350 5450 5451
INPUT A01009 A01239
 V SOURCE CC010005*