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I-V Meter

Best for solar cell and module production lines by high-speed I-V measurement

On the 4601, the optimal measurement timing for various kinds of solar cells can be set with measurement delay time of the minimum 20 µs and integration time of the minimum 5 µs.
The 4601 has not only the simple linear sweep function but also the two-slope linear sweep function and three-slope linear sweep function to measure finely required points. Also, there are three types of sampling to synchronize with the solar simulator.
In addition, the 2-channel temperature measurement function selectable from thermocouple (type T), platinum resistance bulb (Pt100) and IC sensor (AD590), and the voltage measurement function usable for thermopile measurement are embedded.
By combinig the IV meter 4601 with the booster 46015, the measurement system SS9620 suitable for solar panels can be constructed.


Basic functions

  • The 4601 can perform CV/CC operation as electronic load 30 V/10 A to 300 V/1 A or 300 W by itself.
  • The 4601 generates voltage ±30 V/10 A to ±300 V/1 A by combining with the booster 46015 and the reverse polarity unit.
  • Linear, fixed and random sweep with 50 μs to 6 s/point
  • Precise voltage source and current measurement by 4-wire connection
  • Parallel measurement of output voltage Vm, output current Im and current terminal current Ir by maximum 20 k sampling for 0.1 s
  • Capable of measuring voltage at the voltage terminals and temperature at two points (T-type thermocouple/Pt/IC sensor)

Overall evaluation of electronic components and batteries

By combining the IV meter 4601 and the booster unit 46015, IV measurment and dark current measurement are possible.
In addiiton, the output range will expand into four quadrants by using the reverse polarity unit CC046012 or CC04613 as output unit. 

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."