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Accessories for 7210
72100 Series

*The scanner 7210 on the photo has been discontinued.

72101B / 72101J 

72101 Series Multiplexer Cards
The following cards are 3-wire or 4-wire multiplexor cards which have 10-channel input and output lines and single common lines.

  • 72101A: general purpose, 10 channels, 3 wires
    3-wire card for general purpose using dry reed relays
  • 72101B: general purpose, 10 channels, 4 wires
    4-wire card for general purpose using mechanical relays
  • 72101E: high-insulation resistance
    3-wire card for high-voltage resistance using dry reed relays
  • 72101J: micro current
    Suitable for high-resistance measurement because of its structure that integrates the input and output terminal section and the switch section. The insulation resistance between terminals from the input and output terminal is maintained at 1011 Ω or higher.


72102A Actuator Card

The 72102A is a card that has independent 10-channel 2-wire switches. This card is a general-purpose type using dry reed relays.

72103A / 72103B

72103 Series Matrix Cards
4-channel × 4-channel matrix configuration (4-wire) switch cards. Using these cards makes it easy to configure systems such as DC parameter characteristic test system for ICs.

  • 72103A: general-purpose, 4×4 channel, 4 wires
    General-purpose card using dry reed relays
  • 72103B: general-purpose, 4×4 channel, 4 wires
    General-purpose card using mechanical relays


72106A Transfer Card

Card to switch signals from two paths. Dry reed relays are used.

72109A / 72109E

72109 Series Terminal Cards
These terminal cards are for input and output signals, and are to be inserted to the scanner slots in combination with the 72101, 72102 or 72103.
The 72109 series employ screw-type block terminals and can be separated easily from the switch cards, allowing easy connection of the input and output cables.

  • 72109A: general purpose
    4-wire card for general purpose
  • 72109E: high voltage 
    4-wire card for high voltage