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DC Voltage Current Source Monitor
6243 / 6244

SMU ideal for electronic circuit/component evaluation by flexible source and measurement

The 6243/6244 is a DC voltage and current source/monitor that offers wide ranging source and measurement as follows:
6243  Voltage: 0 to ±110 V, Current: 0 to ±2 A
6244  Voltage: 0 to ±20 V , Current: 0 to ±10 A
The 6243/6244 provides high accuracy with 4½-digit source resolution and 5½-digit measurement resolution, a variety of sweep functions, and a pulse measuring function with a minimum pulse width of 1ms. Thus, it can be used for a wide range of applications as a power source for evaluation in research and development of semiconductors and other electronic components or for characteristic test systems in a production line.

● Wide ranging source/measurement
  6243 Voltage: 0 to ±110V Current: 0 to ±2A
  6244 Voltage: 0 to ±20V Current: 0 to ±10A
● 5½-digit display with 1μV/100pA (6243), 1μV/1nA (6244)  
  resolution in measurement
● Pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 1ms
● Sink-enabled bipolar output