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DC Voltage Current Source Monitor
6243 / 6244

SMU ideal for electronic circuit/component evaluation by flexible source and measurement

The 6243/6244 is a DC voltage and current source/monitor that offers wide ranging source and measurement as follows:
6243 Voltage: 0 to ±110 V, Current: 0 to ±2 A
6244 Voltage: 0 to ±20 V , Current: 0 to ±10 A
he 6243/6244 provides high accuracy with 4½-digit source resolution and 5½-digit measurement resolution, a variety of sweep functions, and a pulse measuring function with a minimum pulse width of 1ms. Thus, it can be used for a wide range of applications as a power source for evaluation in research and development of semiconductors and other electronic components or for characteristic test systems in a production line.


Source and measurement functions
Voltage/current source and voltage/current measurement can be selected by specifying the source and measurement functions. 

Voltage and current source mode
There are four source modes; DC, pulse, DC sweep, pulse sweep. Then, the sweep modes are classified into three sweep types: linear sweep, log sweep and random sweep (user programmable sweep).
The 6243/6244 can generate patterns necessary for device test without exchanging data with an external controller, and read out measurement results from the memory after the test. However, it cannot generate pulses across polarities.

Source and measurement timing
In the pulse and sweep modes, the source and measurement timings are synchronous, and measurement can be done after a specified time from source value application. Setting the measurement delay (Td) allows measurement after a specified time from the end of pulse application as stress test.

Range switching without discontinuity
The voltage and current source ranges can be changed without lowering the output to zero from the level before switching. This allows no discontinuity at the output and reduces adverse effects on devices with hysteresis or high dielectric constant.

Low noise
The performance of a power supply basically depends on the accuracy of source voltage/current and the quantity of noise superimposed to them. The 6243/6244 adopts a minimum noise design effective for input signals of a DC amplifier and other cases susceptible to power noise. This model is the perfect power supply for linear ICs, optical devices or mobile communication amplifiers.

  6243 6244
Number of digits for generation
Output method Bipolar

Maximum output (top)

Minimum resolution (bottom)


±110 V/0.5 A

 ±20 V/4 A
10 μV 10 μV 


±2 A/32 V ±10 A/7 V 
 1 nA 10n A 
Number of digits for measurement
Accuracy (typical range) 0.03 % 
Minimum measurement resolution Voltage  1 μV 1 μV 
Current  100 pA  1 nA
Pulse application / Measurement Available
Minimum pulse width 1 ms
Interface GPIB

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."