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Firmware Update

Updating Optical Power Meters (8250A, 8230, 8230E)


The software provided on this page is to update the firmware of old versions. Before updating your power meter, please check the version according to the following procedure.

8250A firmware latest version: C00
8230/8230E firmware latest version: D01

How to Check Version

Power on the power meter. Check the version displayed at the position enclosed in a red frame as shwon below.

Example of the 8250A

Example of the 8230/8230E

Notes on Updating

To upgrade your optical power meter, you need a personal computer to run this software and a USB cable.
The applicable OS is Windows 98SE or later (32 bit only).

How to Update

  1. Click or double-click the file name.
  2. Download starts.
  3. Click or double-click the downloaded file. Decompression starts.
  4. When decompression ends, necessary software and the update procedure will appear where the downloaded file exits.
  5. Update your optical power meter according to the update procedure. If you fail to upgrade it successfully, repeat the steps from the beginning.


 update8230.zip [9.6MB]