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Used in Electronics, Communication, Semiconductor and Other Fields

Digital Multimeters

As mother tools in the electronics industry
Digital multimeters are indispensable for manufacturing electronics devices and for their quality control. DC and AC voltage/current, resistance and even temperature depending on the model can be measured.

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitors

As source monitors or source calibrators
ADC has a wide lineup of source monitors capable of evaluating
semiconductors or electronic circuits on PCBs, and DC voltage/
current sources that can calibrate various devices.

Digital Electrometers

For very small amount measurement
Electrometers are most suitable for measurements of insulating materials, micro current and tiny electric charges. ADC has developed
the micro voltage and current measurement technologies since its
foundation, providing them as industrial bases to various fields.

Optical Measuring Instruments

High-precision measurement of short and long-wavelengths
ADC offers not only optical spectrum analyzer and optical power meters suitable for evaluation of blue violet laser diodes, but also optical wavelength meters capable of measuring long-wavelengths of laser diodes for communication.