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System and Other Measuring Instruments

PV Cell Evaluation System

Overall evaluation system capable of meauring solar cell dark current

  • Dark current measurement of large solar cell modules by connecting the booster unit 46015
  • Precise parallel resistance measurement and bypass diode evaluation by using the reverse polarity unit
  • Maximum output power of 300 W (300 V/±1 A, 30 V/±10 A)
  • High speed measurement at 100 points in 5 ms
  • 50 μs to 6s/point that supports various kinds of solar cells
  • Sampling for short-pulsed, middle-pulsed and long-pulsed light
  • 3-slope linear sweep function to measure finely around Isc, Pmax and Voc

Multi-Channel PV Cell Evaluation System

Solar cell evaluation system optimal for exposure test

  • Maximum fifty channels measurement
  • Long-time evaluation of solar cell conversion efficiency and degradation characteristic
  • Long-time data logging such as as Isc, Voc, Ipmax, Vpmax and η by regular I-V characteristic measurement of cells
  • Maximum five inputs measurements such as actinometer, thermometer, hygrometer and anemometer
  • 0V crossing I-V characteristic evaluation by the bipolar power supply
  • Shutter control for light source such as solar simulator
  • Free measurement control by setting the measurement start time, suspended time and interval

Solar Panel I-V Measurement System

I-V measurement system for high-capacity solar panels up to 320 W

  • Wide output ranges supporting large panels
    280 W (7 V/40 A, 14 V/20 A, 2 8V/10 A)
    320 W (20 V/16 A, 40 V/8 A, 80 V/4 A)
  • Automatic I-V characteristic evaluation of solar cells and panels
  • Not only I-V characteristic but also dark current characteristic evaluation in irradiation
  • Fine measurement around Isc and Voc by random sweep
  • Covering all types of solar cells including crystal, film and tandem solar cells
  • PASS/FAIL judgment value settings on all measurement parameters