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Sample Programs

The sample programs provided on this page ("SOFTWARE") are used to obtain data by using  ADC's measuring instruments via USB, GPIB or RS232. 

When using USB, install the ADC instruments USB drirver beforehand onto your PC. The ADC instruments USB drirver can be downloaded from the "USB Driver." When using GPIB, the GPIB interface of National Instruments and a connection cable are required.

When downloading the SOFTWARE, read the following "SOFTWARE License Agreement." By installing the SOFTWARE, you agree to be legally bound by the terms of this SOFTWARE License Agreement.

Use Environment

  • Interface: GPIB, USB or RS232
  • OS: Windows7 or later
  • Software: 32-bit Excel

SOFTWARE License Agreement

  1. SOFTWARE License
    All rights in and to the SOFTWARE (including, but not limited to, copyright) shall be and remain vested in ADC Corp.
  2.  Restrictions
    (1) You may copy, modify, or change, all or any part of, the SOFTWARE without permission from ADC Corp.
    (2) You may distribute those products of the SOFTWARE only free of charge.
  3. Copiright
    In respect of the products of the modified SOFTWARE, the copyright shall belong to the modifier.
  4. Liability
    ADC Corp. is not liable (1) for any SOFTWARE failures which may arise out of any misuse of the SOFTWARE (misuse is deemed to be use of the SOFTWARE For any purposes other than those described in the manual) or (2) for any dispute between you and any third party for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, infringement of intellectual property rights.
  5. Governing Laws
    The SOFTWARE is governed by the laws of Japan.
  6. Customer support from ADC Corp.
    ADC Corp. does not provide any customer support for the SOFTWARE. Also, the SOFTWARE is subject to change without notice due to enhance its performance and functions.

How to Install

  1. Click or double-click the downloaded file.
  2. Decompression starts.
  3. When decompression ends, necessary fiels will appear where the downloaded file exits.

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitors

Sample programs described on the Operation Manual

 GPIB 6240B_GPIB_Sample_e.exe [200 KB]

 USB 6240B_USB_Sample_e.exe [141 KB]

Function: (1) Graphical display of measured data (2) Data acquisition (3) Remote command setting

 USB 6241_usb_demo02_e.exe [230 KB]

 6241A (×2)
機能:①1台の6241Aでバイアス電圧または電流を印加しながら、もう1台の6241Aで電圧または電流のスイープ電流を行い、エクセルシートへ測定データを取り込み ②取り込んだ測定データを電圧-電流グラフで表示

 USB 6241CurveTracer_Rev02.exe [772 KB]

Sample programs described on the Operation Manual

 GPIB 6247CG_GPIB_Sample_e.exe [132 KB]

 USB 6247CG_USB_Sample_e.exe [79 KB]

 RS232 6247CG_RS232_Sample_e.exe [78 KB]

Sample program described on the Operation Manual

 USB 6540_USB_Sample_e.exe [147 KB]

Sample programs described on the Operation Manual

 GPIB 6541_GPIB_Sample_e.exe [154 KB]

 USB 6541_USB_Sample_e.exe [95 KB]


 GPIB/USB 6166_Sample1.exe [148 KB]

 GPIB/USB 6166_Sample2.exe [178 KB]


 GPIB/USB 6156_Sample00.exe [366 KB]

Digital Electrometers


 GPIB/USB 5350Sample00.exe [600 KB]


 GPIB/USB 5350_Graph_Sample_00.exe [308 KB]


 GPIB/USB 5450_5451Sample_2.exe [472 KB]


 GPIB/USB 5450_5451_meas_graph_rev07.exe [338 KB]

機能:①LEDなどに逆方向電圧を印加しV-I特性を表示 ②PCから基本的なコマンドを設定し、指定回数のデータを取得 ③コマンド表に書かれているコマンドを個別に送信する/データ受信

  GPIB/USB 5450_5451_V_I_CURVE_04.exe [387 KB]

Optical Measuring Instruments

機能:①測定値を所定回数/所定周期で取得 ②リモート・コマンドを送出

 USB 8230_u_dtacq04.exe [61 KB]

機能:①測定値を所定回数/所定周期で取得 ②リモート・コマンドを送出

 USB 8250_u_dtacq03.exe [62 KB]


 USB 8471_usb_Sample_rev01.exe [84 KB]

 GPIB 8471_gpib_Sample_rev01.exe [245 KB]


 GPIB 8341sample00.exe [149 KB]