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Privacy Policy

ADC Corporation ("ADC") is committed to respecting your privacy. ADC acknowledges that information that may be used to identify you, as an individual ("Personal Information"), such as your first and last name, street address, e-mail address, or telephone number, is your private information and our intention is to collect, use, store, and manage this information appropriately.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

ADC will use Personal Information that you have supplied to us only for the purpose of completing obligations of developing and providing better products and services, providing useful information, and for other appropriate purposes.
Without your consent, ADC will not use Personal Information for the purposes other than written above.

Viewing, Changing and Deletion of Your Personal Information

If you request to see, correct or delete Personal Information that you have provided to us, we will make our best possible effort to promptly respond to your request after we confirm your identity, and we will give you our response.

Storing and Managing Personal Information

ADC will store and manage with our best possible care the Personal Information that you have provided us when visiting this Site.

We have adopted strict security policies to prevent Personal Information from leaking outside our network. We have assigned Personal Information managers for each related division. These managers implement the appropriate management steps to protect Personal Information. We also provide training within the company on the importance of protecting Personal Information and are constantly striving to protect Personal Information throughout all facets of the company.

We will not disclose, provide, or transfer Personal Information that you have provided to a third party without your permission. However, if a public institution, such as a judicial court or the police, requests information in accordance with the law, ADC will disclose or provide the Personal Information that you have provided to that public institution to the extent required.

In addition, when it is necessary to disclose to an entity to which we have entrusted business ("Business Service Provider"), such as an affiliate or sales agent, your Personal Information for the purpose of providing a product or service that you desire, ADC will disclose or provide to the Business Service Provider the Personal Information you have supplied to the extent necessary for the Business Service Provider to carry out the entrusted business. When we do provide a Business Service Provider with your Personal Information, however, we will ensure appropriate management of the Personal Information by entering into a confidentiality agreement with the Business Service Provider in advance and implementing other protective measures.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

ADC, when handling Personal Information, will comply with the laws, other applicable laws and regulations relating to protection of personal information etc. of Japan.

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