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Digital Electrometers

Digital Electrometers

Competitive digital electrometer with 5½-digit display for evaluation and testing of semiconductor and  electronic components

Ultra high resistance meter capable of voltage source up to ±1000V, active in chemical and material fields


12702A/B レジスティビティ・チェンバ

Resistivity Chamber
Application: Measurement of the volume or surface resistivity of sheet, filmy and platy samples
Feature: Pressure on samples is adjustable and thickness measurement is possible.

12704A レジスティビティ・チェンバ

Resistivity Chamber
Application:  Measurement of the volume or surface resistivity of sheet, filmy and platy samples
Feature: Adhesion with the sample is excellent because all electrodes use conductive rubber.

12707 液体抵抗試料箱

Test Fixture
Application:  Measurement of  the volume resistivity of liquid
Feature: It requires only 0.8 cc of sample for measurement. The electrodes can be removed and cleaned easily.

12706A テスト・フィクスチャ

Test Fixture
Application: Measurement of the insulation resistance or micro current of capacitors and other electronic components
Feature:  It has a structure that takes shielding and isolation into account, allowing stable measurement of low current and high resistance.

12701A テスト・フィクスチャ
Test Fixture
Application: Current measurement of semiconductors and other electronic components.
Features: Current measurement in a wide range from 10
-14A to 20A is possible.

Selection Guide

  5350 5450/5451
Maximum display 5 ½
Voltage measurement input impedance  1013 Ω N/A
Voltage measurement range  1 μV to 20 V N/A
Current measurement system Feedback Variable gain feedback
Current measurement range 1 fA to 20 mA
Resistance measurement range N/A 10 Ω to 3×1017 Ω 
DC voltage source range N/A ±1000 V
DC voltage resolution N/A 1 mV
1000 V floating measurement N/A Available (54500 only) 
Sampling speed 1000 readings/s
Sequence function N/A Available
Interface GPIB, USB, LAN (option) GPIB, USB
Handler I/F N/A Available
Analog output Available


D/A OUTPUT Available