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Resistivity Chamber

The 12704A resistivity chamber is a shield box which is used together with an electrometer to measure the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of sheet, filmy and platy samples. Samples can be set very easily, and it is provided with a volume/surface resistivity measurement switch and an applied voltage ON/OFF switch which turns on and off according to opening and closing of the cover.
Adhesion with the sample is excellent because all electrodes use conductive rubber.


Operating environment: Temperature 0 ℃ to  +60 ℃, relative humidity 80 % or less without codensation
Storage environment: Temperature -5 ℃ to + 60 ℃, relative humidity 80 % or less without codensation
Electrode diameters:   Main electrode φ50 mm, guard electrode φ80 mm (outer), φ70 mm (inner)
Insulation resistance (temperature: 0-40°C, relative humidity: 70% or less, 1000 VDC source):
       Main electrode - Guard electrode  1×1015 Ω or higher
       Main electrode - Counter electrode  1×1015 Ω or higher
       Gurad electrode - Counter electrode  1×109 Ω or higher
Dielectric strength: Counter electrode - Chassis  1.5 kV (1 minute), Guard electrode - Chassis 1.5 kV (1 minute)
Maximum sample dimensions: 150 (W)×5 (H)×140 (D) mm or less
Minimum sample dimensions: φ85 mm or more
Connector: INPUT A triaxial connector, V SOURCE safety socket, LID SIGNAL BNC connector
Dimensions:   Approx. 160 (W) ×77 (H)×230 (D) mm
Mass: 2.0 kg or less

Connection diagram:

 Connection cable to electrometer (*: supplied accessory):  

Terminal  5350  5450  5451
INPUT A01009 A01239
V SOURCE CC010005* CC010005*
INTERLOCK A01036-1500 A01036-1500