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Digital Multimeter
7351A / 7351E / 7351E+03

Low-price 5½-digit digital multimeter series for general-purpose applications

The 7351A, the 7351E and the 7351E+03 are 5½-digit digital multimeters for a wide range of measurement applications covering use in R&D and production lines. The 7351A is equipped with GPIB and USB interfaces, the 7351E with a USB interface and the 7351E+03 with USB and RS232 interfaces. The 7351 series realize 46 readings per second (60 Hz) at integration time of 1 PLC that is the highest sampling rate in this class, contributing to the takt time reduction and the quality improvement in production lines.

 ●  Highest-throuput in the class.
    FAST 140 readings/s  (19999)
    MED 40 readings/s (199999)
 ●  High measurement accuracy of 110 ppm (2 VDC range)
 ●  Various interfaces
   USB as standard
   GPIB, trigger signal input, complete signal output
 ●  SCPI commands compliant (7351A)