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7351A / 7351E / 7351E+03 デジタル・マルチメータ Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter
7351A / 7351E / 7351E+03

  • Highest-throuput in the class
    FAST 140 readings/s  (19999)
  • MED 40 readings/s (199999)
  • High measurement accuracy of 110 ppm (2 VDC range)
  • Various interfaces
    USB as standard
    GPIB, trigger signal input, complete signal output
  • SCPI commands compliant (7351A)

The 7351A, the 7351E and the 7351E+03 are 5½-digit digital multimeters for a wide range of measurement applications covering use in R&D and production lines. The 7351A is equipped with GPIB and USB interfaces, the 7351E with a USB interface and the 7351E+03 with USB and RS232 interfaces. The 7351 series realize 46 readings per second (60 Hz) at integration time of 1 PLC that is the highest sampling rate in this class, contributing to the takt time reduction and the quality improvement in production lines.


Excellent measurement stability

Since the 7351 series have very small dispersion in the voltage and current functions, they are effective in micro voltage or current measurement.

Dispersion in voltage measurement
Dispersion in current measurement

Motor driving current measurement

The driving current of stepping motors can be easily measured by using the DC current measurement function of the 7351 series.

Motor driving current measurement (Configuration diagram)
Motor driving current measurement (Current waveform)

Measurement time

The sampling rate of digital multimeters per 1 PLC is very important for system use to perform high-speed measurment having an induction noise removal function. The 7351 series realize 46 readings per second (60Hz) that is the highest sampling rate in this class.

RATE setting Integration time Display digits Measurement speed (Measurement time)

2WΩ, continuity,
LP-2WΩ, diode

FAST 2 ms 19999 140 readings/s(7.1 ms) 30 readings/s(33 ms)
MED(50Hz) 1 PLC 199999 40 readings/s(25 ms) 19 readings/s(52 ms)
SLOW1 100 ms 9.5 readings/s(105 ms)  4.7 readings/s(212 ms)
SLOW2 200 ms 4.9 readings/s(205 ms) 2.4 readings/s(4212 ms)

 Condition: GPIB Free-run, Auto-range OFF, Auto-zero OFF, calculation OFF, display OFF

USB interface as standard

Easy data collection is possible by using the USB interface that is installed as standard. (USB2.0 Full-Speed-compliant)
Free softare to obtain measurement data into an Excel sheet is available.

Convenient calculation functions

Abundant calculation funtions can be used in conbination according to the usage.
Eight types of calculations: NULL, smoothing, scaling, dB, dBm, comparator, MAX/MIN and statistical (software version E00 or later) calculations


 Item 7351A 7351E 7351E+03
 USB ✓  ✓  ✓ 
 GPIB ✓     
 RS232     ✓ 
 External trigger input ✓    ✓ 
 Complete output ✓    ✓ 
Comparator output     ✓ 


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