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Digital Multimeter

5½-digit DMM with twin A/D converters offering two-channel synchronous measurement

The 7352A and the 7352E are the next-generation digital multimeters equipped with twin-A/D converters that enable fully-independent measurement of two-channel signals. These multimeters are suitable for high-speed measurement, parallel measurement of different functions and multi-channel measurement by configuring a system.
The channel A (Ach) has basic measurement functions including DC voltage/current, AC voltage/current, resistance and frequency measurement functions, while the channel B (Bch) has DC voltage/current, AC current and temperature measurement functions. Thus, higher throughput can be obtained with Ach/Bch synchronous measurement or Ach/Bch parallel measurement of different functions.
Furthermore, the dynamic range of current measurement has been broadened significantly, enabling measurement from low current of 10pA to large current of 10A.
The 7352A is equipped with a RS-232 interface in addition to USB and GPIB interfaces as standard for use in R&D and production lines. The 7352E is equipped with a USB interface as standard for low-cost system configuration.

● New measurement environment by twin A/D converters
● Double the throughput by Ach/Bch synchronous measurement
● Wide dynamic range of 5½ digits on both Ach and Bch
● Wider current measurement range and parallel measurement
  with voltage or temperature
  Ach: 10pA to 2A Bch: 100µA to 10A
● A variety of interfaces
  7352A: USB, GPIB, RS-232 7352E: USB