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Digital Multimeter

  • Display resolution
    5½-digit display (119999, 7351-compatible function)
    Capable of high-resolution measurement by 6½-digit display
  • Eye-friendly VA LCD with large characters
  • Variable integration function (200 μs to 2 s)
  • 4-wire resistance measurement
  • Temperature measurement with Pt100/JPt100
  • Various interface
    USB and LAN as standard
    GPIB, RS232 and comparator output as option

The 7355 is a 5½-digit (maximum display: 199999) digital multimeter adopting an integrating type A/D converter. It can also display 6½ digits (maximum display: 1999999) providing high-resolution measurements.
Based on conventional low-cost models, the 7355 offers enhanced functionality and cost-effective performance.
The variable integration function, included for the first time in an ADC low-priced model, allows the integration time to be set arbitrarily, enabling accurate averaged measurements of pulsed currents and voltages. In addition, the 4-wire
resistance measurement and 4-wire low-power resistance measurement functions enable more precise low-resistance measurements.
Furthermore, a temperature measurement function with a resolution of 0.001 °C using a platinum resistance thermometer is provided.
A variety of combinable calculation functions and interfaces are available to meet the various needs of users, for both benchtop and system use.


7355 front


Wide variety of interfaces

USB and LAN are standard interfaces, and GPIB or RS232 can be installed as factory option.
In addition to ADC commands, SCPI commands are supported as standard.

Interface Standard Option+01 Option+03
Comparator output    
External trigger input  
Complete output  

Temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.001 ℃


The 7355 is capable of temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.001°C using a platinum resistance thermometer.
It is useful in various fields including automotive, home appliance, air-conditioning, energy control, medical and industrial equipment fields.

Variable integration time for voltage or current average measurement

The integration time can be set arbitrarily from 200 μs to 2 s, making it easy to measure the average current consumption of cell phones, LCDs, and other devices. As any integration time of the AD converter itself can be set and analog integration is adopted, there are no omissions in waveforms differently from digital integration, resulting in precise average measurement.

Variable integration time for voltage or current average measurement

Precise resistance measurement with 4-wire resistance measurement

In 2-wire resistance measurement, line resistance of the measurement cable or contact resistance of the connecting section affects the measurement result. On the other hand, 4-wire resistance measurement allows accurate resistance measurement without being affected by the line resistance or contact resistance.
The 7355 offers both 4-wire resistance measurement and 4-wire low-power resistance measurement.

Selectable display resolution of 5½ digits and 6½ digits

The 7355 is capable of 6½-digit display (maximum display: 1999999), enabling high-resolution measurements with a minimum resolution of 100 nV, 100 μΩ, and 100 nA.
In addition, the 7351-compatible mode allows the 7355 to display 5½ digits (maximum display: 199999), making it an easy replacement for the former models.

Comparator output [Option +03]

The output signal of the COMPARATOR terminal of Option +03 (factory option) can be selected between comparator output and digital output in the menu settings.
In particular, the digital signal output can be used to control the opening and closing of external devices, making systemization easier