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7461A / 7461P / 7451A デジタル・マルチメータ Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter
7461A / 7461P / 7451A

  • Three models by use
  •  6½-digit display (7461A)
     6½-digit display and temperature measurement by Pt (7461P)
     5½-digit display (7451A)
  •  Fast sampling : 20,000 readings/sec (7461A/7461P)
                                     5,000 readings/sec (7451A)
  •  Variable integration time: 10 μs to 10 s (7461A/7461P)
                                                           100 μs to 10 s (7451A)
  • High-resolution DCI measurement: 1 nA (7461A), 10 nA (7451A)
  • Two-channel DCV measurement
  • Full array of trigger functions

These high-performance and low-price multimeter series consist of three models: the 6½-digit DMM 7461A, the 6½-digit DMM with temperature measurement  7461P and the 5½-digit DMM 7451A.
These multimeters realize high-speed sampling performance with selective sampling modes by adopting the newly developed A/D converter, supporting a variety of applications including digitization of pulse signals, logging measurement at certain intervals.
As another feature, the integration time can be set to any values. This enables correctly measuring the average values of pulsed current/voltage.
In addition,  the 7461P is capable of temperature measurement with a resolution of 
0.001 ℃ using a PT sensor.
Furthermore, these multimeters are provided with two channel DC voltage measurement (Bch 10 V range fixed), so that low cost measurement system architecture is available. 


Data collection by high-speed sampling

By adopting the newly developed variable integration time A/D converter, the 7461A or 7461P and the 7451A realize the highest sampling rate of 20,000 readings per sec and 5,000 readings per sec with 3½-digit resolution respectively. The sampling interval can be set from 50 μs to 3,600 s for the 7461A or 7461P, and from 200 μs to 3,600 s for the 7451A, which allows high-speed digitization and data logging at precise measurement intervals. 

Function 7451A 7461A 7461P
Maximum sampling rate (readings/s)  Memory


20,000/s 20,000/s
 GPIB  1,000/s 1,000/s 1,000/s
Integration time  100 μs to 10 s  10 μs to 10 s  10 μs to 10 s
Sampling period  200 μs to 3,600 s  50 μs to 3,600 s  50 μs to 3,600 s
Maximum display/PLC  5½ digits  6½ digits  6½ digits
Data memory  10,000  10,000  20,000

 *PLC: Power Line Cycle

Variable integration time for voltage or current average measurement

The integration time can be set from 10 μs to 10 s for the 7461A or 7461P and from 100 μs to 10 s for the 7451A, which allows you to easily measure the average current of cellular phones or LCDs. The newly developed A/D converter of which integration time can be set to any values is based on the analog integration technique, so that it provides precise average measurement data, differently from the digital method using a discrete sampling.

Variable integration time for voltage or current average measurement

Full array of trigger functions

Various types of measurements are supported by the built-in trigger functions such as the level trigger and the delta trigger.
Maximum sampling rate: 200 readings/s (from 5 ms)

Level Trigger Measurement
Delta Trigger Measurement

Low power resistance measurement

In resistance measurement, measurement current may cause heat generation in a measured device and variation in its measured values. Low-power 2 WΩ/4 WΩ resistance measurement uses only 1/10 of the typical measurement current, minimizing the effect of thermal fluctuation.

Temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.001 ℃ (7461P)

Additionally,  the 7461 is capable of temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.001°C using a PT sensor. It is useful in various fields including automotive, home appliance, air-conditioning, energy control, medical and industrial equipment fields.
The 7461P signal output can be selected from comparator output and digital output. In particular, digital signal output is useful for controlling opening and closing external devices, allowing easy system configuration.

Easy System Configuration by Two-channel DCV Measurement

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With the DCV-Bch input (10 V range fixed), current measurement and two-channel voltage measurement can be switched, which enhances the measurement throughput. (Rating voltage between Bch Hi and COM: ±12 V)


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