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Digital Multimeter
7461A / 7461P / 7451A

7461A / 7461P / 7451A デジタル・マルチメータ

High-speed and variable integration time DMM supporting multiple applications

These high-performance and low-price multimeter series consist of three models: the 6½-digit DMM 7461A, the 6½-digit DMM with temperature measurement  7461P and the 5½-digit DMM 7451A.
These multimeters realize high-speed sampling performance with selective sampling modes by adopting the newly developed A/D converter, supporting a variety of applications including digitization of pulse signals, logging measurement at certain intervals.
As another feature, the integration time can be set to any values. This enables correctly measuring the average values of pulsed current/voltage.
In addition, the 7461P is capable of temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.001 ℃ using a PT sensor.
Furthermore, these multimeters are provided with two channel DC voltage measurement (Bch 10V range fixed), so that low cost measurement system architecture is available. 

● Two models by use
  6½-digit display (7461A)

  5½-digit display (7451A)
● Fast sampling : 20,000 readings/sec (7461A)
           5,000 readings/sec (7451A)

● Variable integration time: 10μs to 10s (7461A), 100μs to 10s (7451A)
● High-resolution DCI measurement: 1nA (7461A), 10nA (7451A)
● Two-channel DCV measurement
● Full array of trigger functions