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Digital Multimeter

7481 デジタル・マルチメータ

8½-digit high-precision and high-accuracy digital multimeter for system calibration

The 7481 is an 8½-digit digital multimeter with high resolution of 0.01 ppm. It is suitable for use in research and development fields or calibration organizations, and calibration of inspection systems for electronic components or semiconductors. The 7481 achieves high-resolution measurement such as 10 nV for DC voltage measurement, 100 fA for DC current measurement and 1 μΩ for resistance measurement, and also guarantees high relative accuracy 5 ppm per year for voltage measurement.
In addition, the self-calibration function allows high-accuracy measurement at any time, and external calibration can be performed with a smaller number of standards. The 7481 has not only the GPIB and the USB as interface for automatic systems but also input terminals on the rear panel for easy system configuration.

● 8½-digit display (119 999 999), 0.01 ppm resolution
  DC voltage measurement: 100 mV to 1000 V, 10 nV resolution
  DC current measurement: 100 nA to 1000 mA, 100 fA resolution
  Resistance measurement: 10 Ω to 1000 MΩ, 1 μΩ resolution
● High-accuracy measurement by self-calibration function
  5 ppm/year (DC voltage measurement relative accuracy)
  8 ppm/year (resistance measurement relative accuracy)
● Internal memory storage up to 50,000 data