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Multi-Channel PV Cell Evaluation System

Solar cell evaluation system optimal for exposure test

The SS9610 evaluates the conversion efficiency and the degradation characteristic of solar cells in a long-time exposure test and supports up to 50 channels.
In the conventional way, an expensive dedicated system is required for evaluating multiple solar cells over a long time. However, the SS9610 realizes a low-cost and high-performance system by using a DC voltage/current source and a general-purpose scanner. In addition, it includes an easy calibration function.
This system measures the I-V characteristic and the temperature of cells regularly and logs data such as Isc, Voc, Ipmax, Vpmax, η and temperature. Solar radiation data collection is also available with an actinometer.


Main functions

  • Maximum fifty channels measurement
  • Long-time evaluation of solar cell conversion efficiency and degradation characteristic
  • Long-time data logging such as as Isc, Voc, Ipmax, Vpmax and η by regular I-V characteristic measurement of cells
  • Maximum five inputs measurements such as actinometer, thermometer, hygrometer and anemometer
  • 0V crossing I-V characteristic evaluation by the bipolar power supply
  • Shutter control for light source such as solar simulator
  • Free measurement control by setting the measurement start time, suspended time and interval

Load resistance connection function

When load resistances are connected to the scanner by using the actuator card, connecting channels other than ones to be measured to the load resistances will realize degradation characteristic evaluation under a condition close to the actual use condition.

Auto file creation function

The daily/monthly automatic file creation function (logging data) prevents the file size from increasing to ensure stable long-time measurement.
Output file setting items: file creation interval, file name, destination

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."