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DC Voltage Current Source
6146 / 6156

Standard power source best used as calibrator and secondary battery simulator

The 6146/6156 is a precision DC voltage/current source suitable for characteristic evaluation of semiconductor or electronic components and modules in R&D fields and for calibration of meters or measuring instruments.
It achieves wide dynamic range, high resolution, high accuracy and low output noise based on the comprehensive DC voltage/current sourcing technologies of ADC, allowing highly reliable and high-throughput system architect.
With various user-friendly functions, the 6146/6156 can not only operate as stand-alone but also can be integrated into an auto measuring system as secondary battery simulator.
In addition, the 6156 is equipped with a thermal electromotive force output function compliant with JIS, allowing easy temperature calibration.

● Wide dynamic range of sourcing
  6146 Voltage: 0 to ±32.000V Current: 0 to ±220.00mA
  6156 Voltage: 0 to ±32.0000V Current: 0 to ±220.000mA
● High resolution 1μV/100nA (6146), 100nV/10nA (6156)
● High accuracy (one-year guarantee)
  Basic accuracy for voltage: ±0.025% (6146), ±0.015% (6156)
  Basic accuracy for current: ±0.03% (6146), ±0.02% (6156)
● Synchronous operation of multiple units
● JIS-compliant thermal electromotive force output function