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IR Meter
4000 / 4005X Series

Maximum 4 channels mountable modular-system IR meter

The IR meter consists of the compact mainframe 4000 having two slots and the modular units 40051, 40052, 40053 and 40054. It configures up to 4 channels by combining the modular units.
In recent years, it is necessary to improve the takt time of manufacturing and inspection in production lines of parts or components.
Consequently, measuring instruments used in these production lines require higher measuring speed, multiple channles. space saving and other optimal functions.
This IR meter can satisfy such needs by adopting the modular system.


4000  2-slot modular instrument
The 4000 is a 2-slot modular instrument of 2U half-size mainframe to which 2 units of 0.7U half-size modules can be installed.
t is equipped with various interfaces; USB, GPIB, LAN and RS232, making it possible to build inspection systems for R&D or production lines of electronics components by connecting to a personal computer or programmable controller.
In addition, the 4-channel handler interface allows you timing control with automatic machines, and device selection according to measurement and judgment results by the modules. In inspection lines, you can easily perform system setup or maintenance of modules that are mounted on system racks without removal such as module replacement, operation check via USB on the front panel.
Moreover, by using the digital I/O of 8 bits having a 5 V/200 mA power supply, easy relay control and signal generation are available. 

  • Maximum number of modules: 2
  • Maximum power: 150 W
  • Interface: USB, GPIB, LAN, RS232
  • Handler interface: 4 channels
  • Digital I/O: 8 bits

40051/40052/40053/40054  IR meter units
The 40051, 40052, 40053 and 40054 IR meter units are to be mounted into the 2-slots modular instrument 4000.
The 1-channel 40051/40053 and 2-channel 40052/40054 are integration method IR meters, suitable for current measurement of high-capacity samples such as capacitors.
The current measurement range is from 10 fA to 3.2 mA,
and the voltage source range is up to ±200 V/3.2 mA for the
40051 and 40052, or up to +300 V or -100 V/3.2A for the
40053 and 40054. The resistance measurement range is between
312 Ω to 3×1016 Ω.


The 40051 or 40052 is capable of current measurement ranging from 10 fA to 3.2 mA and is equipped with a DC voltage generator of ±200 V/3.2 mA. So, its voltage source current measurement function makes it possible resistance measurement of between 312 Ω to 2×1016 Ω.
n addition, it has a contact check function (C.CHK) by capacity (C) measurement to judge the contact status of highresistance samples.
Moreover, the 40051 or 40052 is equipped with the handler interface to be controlled from automatic machines in production lines.

  • Current measurement range: 10 fA to 3.2 mA
  • High-speed  current measurement at 1.5 ms by integration method
  • Voltage source: ±200 V/3.2 mA
  • Contact check: 0 to 100 pF with resolution of 0.1 pF
  • Handler interface: INDEX, EOM, HI, GO, LO, NC

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."