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Optical Power Meter

Optical power meter suitable for R&D and production of optical disks

The 8230E is a low-priced handheld optical power meter, which is most suitable for production of LDs, optical pickups and drives for optical disks.
Two kinds of general-purpose sensors and two kinds of high-output sensors with different shapes respectively (thin-type/cylindrical-type) are available. The high-power optical sensors 82313B and 82323B are capable of high-power measurement up to 200 mW.
The main body that has 4½-digits and 0.01 dB resolution display can obtain measurement data easily by using the USB interface installed as standard.


USB interface
In addition to an analog output, the 8230E is equipped with a USB interface. Consequently, it can collect digital data directly from the PC side without an additional GPIB interface, which results in cost reduction in mass production lines.

Four types of optical sensors to meet various applications

  Shape Part Number Wavelength Range Calibration
Power Range Light Receiving Area
General-purpose Thin  82311B  390 to 1100 nm 780 nm 1 nW to 50 mW Approx. 9.5 mm × 9.5 mm
Cylinder  82321B  390 to 1100 nm 780 nm 1 nW to 50 mW Approx. 8.5 mmφ
High-power Thin  82313B  390 to 1100 nm 650 nm 10 nW to 200 mW Approx. 8.5 mmφ
Cylinder  82323B  390 to 1100 nm 650 nm 10 nW to 200 mW Approx. 8.5 mmφ

*In addition to the calibrated wavelength indicated, calibration with additional wavelengths (405, 650, 780 nm) is possible as an option.
*The wavelenght sensitivity of the 82311 and the 82321 is corrected by using the typical values. As for the 82311, correction by measurement is possible as an option.


Name Part Number

82311B general-purpose sensor option (factory option)

*This option is sold as a set with the optical power meter 8230E.

Former-type sensor adaptive option (factory option) OPT8230E+70