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DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
6240B 直流電圧・電流源/モニタ DC Votage Current Source Monitor

Capable of high-speed response pulse source, 5½-digit measurement and highprecision low-resistance measurement

The  6240B is a SMU equipped with a high-speed response pulse source and measurement function and a low-resistance measurement function. It has 4½-digit display for voltage and current source and 5½-digit display for measurement, and features high accuracy of ±0.02 %. There are four types of sweep modes available: liner, fixed, random and 2-slope linear sweep, and also pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 µs is available. Thus, this model can be widely used as evaluation power supply for developing semiconductors and other electronic components and as power supply of characteristic test systems used in production lines.
Moreover, the 6240B is capable of high-precision contact resistance measurement that cancels thermal EMF generated on metal contact surfaces.

● Source and measurement range
  Voltage: 0 to ±15 V, Current: 0 to ±4 A (1 A for DC)
● Source and measurement accuracy: ±0.02 %
● Measurement display of 5½ digits with resolution of 1 μV/100 pA
● Source/sink of ±4 A for the maximum pulse width of 20 ms
● Pulse measurement with minimum pulse width of 50 μs
  and 1 μs step
● Sink-enabled bipolar output
● Low-resistance measurement canceling thermal electromotive
  force for conductive materials