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DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor

Capable of high-speed response pulse source, 5½-digit measurement and highprecision low-resistance measurement

The 6240B is a SMU equipped with a high-speed response pulse source and measurement function and a low-resistance measurement function. It has 4½-digit display for voltage and current source and 5½-digit display for measurement, and features high accuracy of ±0.02 %. There are four types of sweep modes available: liner, fixed, random and 2-slope linear sweep, and also pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 µs is available. Thus, this model can be widely used as evaluation power supply for developing semiconductors and other electronic components and as power supply of characteristic test systems used in production lines.
Moreover, the 6240B is capable of high-precision contact resistance measurement that cancels thermal EMF generated on metal contact surfaces.


Source and measurement function
Voltage/current source and voltage/current/resistance measurement can be selected by specifying the source and measurement functions.

Voltage and current source mode
There are four source modes; DC, pulse, DC sweep, pulse sweep. Then, the sweep modes are classified into four sweep types: fixed sweep, linear sweep, random sweep (arbitrary waveform generation by user programming), 2-slope linear sweep (linear sweep with step value switching).
The minimum pulse width is 50 μs. The minimum cycle is 2 ms, or 500 μs without measurement. 

HI/LO Limiter separate setting
In voltage or current source, the HI/LO limiter settings are very important. The 6240B allows separate setting of HI and LO limiters. Furthermore, for the voltage-limiter, both HI and LO limiters can be set homo-polar. This prevents a capacitor or a battery from being over-discharged. Also, it is suitable for evaluating devices that are used at a constant current and do not tolerate reverse voltage application.

Suspend function
The 6240B can select from three output OFF statuses; STBY (output relay OFF), HiZ (output relay ON and high resistance), and LoZ (output relay ON and low resistance). Using this function can omit unnecessary relay ON/OFF operations.
Consequently it prevents throughput reduction due to relay operating time, extends relay lifetime and increases product reliability.
In addition, the setting of a suspend voltage (voltage in HiZ and LoZ status) can prevent transient current from being generated when connecting voltage sourcing devices such as batteries.

Low-resistance measurement with pulse current unaffected by heat
The 6240B achieves low-resistance measurement without being affected by self-heating of DUTs by using pulse current application, bringing more precise measured values with little errors.

Number of digits for generation 
Output method Bipolar

Maximum output (top)

Minimum resolution (bottom)


±15 V/1 A

10 μV


±4 A/10 V (DC: ±1 A/15 V)
1 nA
Number of digits for measurement
Accuracy (typical range) 0.02 % 
Minimum measurement resolution Voltage  1 μV
Current 100 pA 
Maximum measurement resistnace
/ Minimum resolution
0.75 GΩ/0.25 μΩ
Pulse application / Measurement Available
Minimum pulse width 50 μs
Interface USB, GPIB 

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."