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Test Fixture

The 12701A is a test head section which connects to the measuring instruments such as an electrometer or voltage current source to perform DC characteristics tests of semiconductors and other electronic components. The 12701A can measure a wide current range of 10-14A to 20A considering shield effect, isolation and light shield. It comes with accessories which accommodate various types of DUTs.



Terminal Name Connection Target
F/S-1 to F/S-8 Triaxial connector

-  INPUT of 5350 or 5450/5451

VS1,VS2 Safety socket V SOURCE

Safety socket (blue)

CONTROL Amphenol 24 pin

HANDLER INTER FACE of 5450/5451 (lid signal)

LID SIGNAL Floating BNC - LID SIGNAL of 5450/5451
- INTERLOCK of 6243 (lid signal)

Dielectric strength/insulation resistance:

  Dielectric Strength Insulation Resistance (Ω)
F/S-1 to F/S-8 signal lines - All other lines 350 V peak 1014 or higher
SENSE signal line - All other lines 350 V peak 1014 or higher
VS1 - Hi-Lo 300 V peak 108 or higher
VS2 - Hi-Lo 1000 V peak 109 or higher

Operating environment: Temperature -20 ℃ to  +80 ℃, relative humidity 80 % or less without codensation (+5 ℃ to +35 ℃)
Storage environment: Temperature -25 ℃ to + 80 ℃, relative humidity 80 % or less without codensation
Dimensions: approx. 201 (W) × 122 (H) × 243 (D) mm
Mass: 1.7 kg or less

Connection cable to electrometer (*: supplied accessory): 

Terminal 5350 5450 5451
INPUT A01009 A01239
V SOURCE CC010005* CC010005*
INTERLOCK A01036-1500 A01036-1500

Supplied accessories:
A01214-20 Connection lead (φ2- φ1)
A01215-15 Connection lead (φ2-φ2)
A01228-15 Connection lead (φ2X2- φ1 coaxial cable)

Optional accessories:
A01216-15 Connection lead (φ1-φ1)
A01217-25 Connection lead (φ2-mini socket)
A01218-20 Connection lead (φ1-mini socket)
A01229-15 Connection lead (φ2X2-φ1X2 coaxial cable)
A01287-15 Connection lead (φ2-φ2 safety 10A)
A04501 diode test box
A04506 insulation board
A04509 power transistor test box
A04701-12 mini hook