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6241A 直流電圧・電流源/モニタ DC Voltage Current Source Monitor

DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
6241A / 6242

  • Wide ranging source/measurement
  • 6241A Voltage: 0 to ± 32 V  Current: 0 to ± 500 mA
    6242 Voltage: 0 to ± 6 V  Current: 0 to ± 5 A
  • High source/measurement resolution
    Source : 10 μV/1 nA  Measurement : 1 μV/100 pA
  • Basic source and measurement accuracy: ±0.02 %
  • Pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 μs and 1 μs step
  • Two slope linear sweep function
  • Sink-enabled bipolar output l GPIB and USB interfaces

The 6241A/6242 is a DC voltage and current source/ monitor capable of 4½-digit generation and 5½-digit measurement with high accuracy of ±0.02 %.
The instrument has two slope linear sweep, linear sweep, fixed sweep and random sweep functions, and is also capable of pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 μs and low voltage/current measurement with a resolution of 1μ V/100 pA. Thus, it can be used for a wide range of applications for evaluation in R&D of semiconductors and other electronic components, or for characteristic tests in a production line.
The sink-enabled bipolar output, the individual HI/LO limiter function and the suspend function are effective in evaluation of batteries and power ICs.


Source and measurement function

Voltage/current source and voltage/current/resistance measurement can be selected by specifying the source and measurement functions.

6241A/6242 Source/Measurement Function

Output range

6241A/6242 Output Range

6241A   Voltage: 0 to ± 32V
               Current: 0 to ± 500mA

6242     Voltage: 0 to ± 6V
               Current: 0 to ± 5A

Voltage/current source mode

There are four source modes; DC, pulse, DC sweep, pulse sweep. Then, the sweep modes are classified into four sweep types: fixed sweep, linear sweep, random sweep (user programmable sweep), two slope linear sweep (linear sweep with step value switching). The minimum pulse width is 50 μs. The minimum cycle is 2 ms, or 500 μs without measurement.  

6241A/6242 Voltage/Current Source Mode

Individual settings of HI/LO limiters

6241A/6242 Individual Settings of HI/LO Limiters

In voltage/current source, the HI/LO limiter settings are very important. The 6241A/6242 has a function that can set the HI and LO limiters individually. Furthermore, for the voltage-limiter, both HI and LO limiters can be set homo-polar. This prevents a capacitor or a battery from being over-discharged. Also, it is suitable for evaluating devices such as LDs that are used at a constant current and do not tolerate reverse voltage application. 

Suspend function

The 6241A/6242 can select from three output OFF statuses; STBY (output relay OFF), HiZ (output relay ON and high resistance), and LoZ (output relay ON and low resistance). Using this function can omit unnecessary relay ON/OFF action, which reduces deterioration of the throughput due to relay operation time and improves the life span of the relay.
In addition, the setting of a suspend voltage (voltage in HiZ and LoZ status) prevents transient current sink that occurs at a connection of a voltage output device such as a battery. 
When a conventional generator or electronic load is connected with a battery, the output voltage is 0V, and then the setting current starts flowing. In this case, the moment that it is connected, transient current sink occurs, causing unnecessary battery discharge. On the other hand, by setting a suspend voltage, the 6241A/6242 is connected in high-impedance state at the specified voltage and then the setting current flows. This prevents unnecessary discharge at the connection to a battery.
For the 6241A/6242, the source modes can be switched in such suspend status, which reduces deterioration of the throughput due to source mode switching

6241A/6242 Suspend Function
6241A/6242 Suspend Function
Output OFF status Output relay Output status Current limiter setting value
 LoZ ON Vsus, low resistance

VS: Setting current limiter (IL)

IS: 30 digits in the setting current range

 HiZ ON Vsus, high resistanc 300 nA 

Vsus: Setting suspend voltage (default: 0 V)

High-speed response and low noise

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The typical waveform and output noise of the 6241A/6242 are shown below. The response of 0-3 V is approximately 8.5 μs at 0-90 % rising time, and the output noise is approximately 2.2 mVp-p at DC-20 MHz.

Sample hold measurement

Sample hold measurement is available in the pulse mode and the pulse sweep mode. Measurement holds an input signal immediately before pulse falling edge, and A/D conversion is implemented for integration time of 100 μs. In this case, the setting measurement delay time is ignored.

6241A/6242 Sample Hold Measurement


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