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DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor
6241A / 6242
6241A 直流電圧・電流源/モニタ DC Votage Current Source Monitor

High-performance DC voltage current source/monitor capable of pulse source/measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 μs

The 6241A/6242 is a DC voltage and current source/ monitor capable of 4½-digit generation and 5½-digit measurement with high accuracy of ±0.02 %.
The instrument has two slope linear sweep, linear sweep, fixed sweep and random sweep functions, and is also capable of pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50 μs and low voltage/current measurement with a resolution of 1μ V/100 pA. Thus, it can be used for a wide range of applications for evaluation in R&D of semiconductors and other electronic components, or for characteristic tests in a production line.
The sink-enabled bipolar output, the individual HI/LO limiter function and the suspend function are effective in evaluation of batteries and power ICs.

● Wide ranging source/measurement
  6241A Voltage: 0 to ± 32V Current: 0 to ± 500mA
  6242 Voltage: 0 to ± 6V Current: 0 to ± 5A
● High source/measurement resolution
  Source : 10μV/1nA Measurement : 1μV/100pA
● Basic source and measurement accuracy: ±0.02%
● Pulse measurement with a minimum pulse width of 50μs
  and 1μs step
● Two slope linear sweep function
● Sink-enabled bipolar output l GPIB and USB interfaces