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DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor

6540 / 6541

Two models: system-use type and benchtop type

The 6540 and 6541 are 4-channel compact DC Voltage Current Source/Monitors. The 6540 is a model designated for system use without a display, and is optimal for production lines or inspection lines. On the other hand, the 6541, that is a benchtop model equipped with a display and an operation panel, was designed for R&D use with the emphasis on visuality and operability.
The 6540/6541 comes with a USB interface and external control signals for synchronization among units or devices. Optionally, GPIB and LAN interfaces are available on the 6541 only.

● Source and measurement range
  Voltage: 0 to ±10 V, Current: 0 to ±500 mA
● Maximum power of 5 W per channel
  (up to ±1 A for 4 channels)
● Basic accuracy: ±0.02 %,
  Minimum measurement resolution: 10 μV / 10 pA
● High-speed pulse generation with minimum pulse width of 50 μs
● Sink-enabled bipolar output
● Synchronous operation among channels or units
● Benchtop type 6541 with color LCD display and system-
  use type 6540 without display