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Digital Electrometer

Competitive digital electrometer with 5½-digit display for evaluation and testing of
semiconductor, electronic components and optical devices

The 5350 is a low-priced digital electrometer with 5½-digit display. It can measure voltage with high input impedance of 1013 Ω or higher and wide-ranging current from 1 fA to 20 mA. he electrometer can be used for basic materials research, testing and selecting semiconductors and other electronics components, research and development of new element or materials and many other applications including biological research. For voltage measurement, the driving guard function makes it possible to measure responsively signal sources having high impedance. Moreover, the 5350 achieves high-speed sampling of up to 1,000 readings per second and stores 100,000 measurement data in the internal memory. 

● Wide current measurement range: 1 fA to 20 mA
● High input impedance of voltage measurement:
  1013 Ω or more
● High-speed voltage measurement with driving guard
● High-speed measurement: max 1,000 readings/s
● Data memory capacity: 100,000 data
● Variable integration function: 500 μs to 3.2 s
● USB and GPIB inerfaces as standard