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Digital Electrometer

Competitive digital electrometer with 5½-digit display for evaluation and testing of semiconductor,
electronic components and optical devices

The 5350 is a low-priced digital electrometer with 5½-digit display. It can measure voltage with high input impedance of 1013 Ω or higher and wide-ranging current from 1 fA to 20 mA.
he electrometer can be used for basic materials research, testing and selecting semiconductors and other electronics components, research and development of new element or materials and many other applications including biological research. For voltage measurement, the driving guard function makes it possible to measure responsively signal sources having high impedance. Moreover, the 5350 achieves high-speed sampling of up to 1,000 readings per second and stores 100,000 measurement data in the internal memory.


Wide-range current measurement from 1 fA to 20 mA 
The 5350 provides a 1 fA current measurement resolution, which enables leakage current measurement of semiconductors such as MOSFET gate current and dark current measurement of optical devices. Meanwhile, as the maximum measurement current is 20 mA, it is suitable for IB-VBE or IC-VBE characteristic evaluation of small-signal transistors and diodes.

High-input impedance voltage measurement of 1013 Ω or More 
When using a general voltmeter for high-output impedance voltage measurement, the input impedance of the voltmeter around 109 Ω causes errors in measurement values. However, the 5350 has a high-input impedance of 1013 Ω or more, so that the influence of the output impedance of DUTs is reduced to 1/10,000 compared to the general voltmeter and high-precision measurement is possible.

High-speed voltage measurement by driving guard 
The response of DC voltage measurement becomes slow depending on the stray capacitance of an input cable when the output impedance of DUTs is high (100 MΩ or more). The 5350 adopts a double-shielded input connector and an input cable, allowing the inner shield to be driven at the same potential as the input voltage of the 5350. By using this driving guard function, the stray capacitance between the center line of the input cable and the outer shield becomes zero apparently and the response performance is improved.

Output of input signals as voltage
The 5350 has the pre-amplifier output (AMP OUT) and the D/A OUT which output input signals to the outside of the unit as voltage values. The pre-amplifier output can output the output voltage of the measurement circuit of the 5350 without isolation. Thus, it can be used as impedance conversion output device for high-impedance voltage measurement and as current-to-voltage conversion device for current measurement. The D/A OUT converts A/D converted measurement values into voltage ±1 V and outputs them as isolated signals.

Variable integration function
The integration time on the 5350 can be set arbitrarily with a resolution of 100 μs between 500 μs and 3.2 s. This integration function makes it possible to measure easily the average of pulsed voltage or current. As the integration time of the A/D converter itself can be set arbitrarily, there are no omissions in waveforms, resulting in precise average measurement. The pre-set eight types of integration time are switchable by using the RATE key on the front panel.

Maximum display 
Voltage measurement Input impedance 1013 Ω
Range 1 μV to  20 V
Current measurement Measurement method


Rang 1 fA to 20 mA
Sampling speed  1000 readings/s
Interface GPIB, USB, LAN (option)
Analog output


D/A OUTPUT Available

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."