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Ultra High Resistance Meter
5450 / 5451

Ultra high resistance meter capable of voltage source up to ±1000V,
active in chemical and material fields

The 5450/5451 is a state-of-the-art ultra high resistance meter with 5½-digit display that integrates ADC’s traditional technologies and new DC amplifier technologies. It was designed for ease of use so that anybody who operates this instrument can get the same measurement results. The 5450/5451 will be the new standard for insulation resistance measurement or micro current measurement of various kinds of insulating materials or semiconductors.


High performance and high speed
The 5450/5451 is a high-performance meter capable of measuring micro current from 1fA to 19.9999mA and high resistance up to 3×1017Ω(in current function). In addition, with its high-speed sampling capability up to 1000 readings per second, the 5450/5451 is suitable for Go/No-Go test in electronic part manufacturing.

Powerful and flexible voltage source
As internal voltage source, a power supply that is capable of current source and sink up to 10 W at ±1000 V was newly developed. This new power supply also applies negative voltage. Thus, the 5450/5451 can not only measure p-channel and n-channel semiconductors or avalanche photo diodes (APD) that operate with reverse bias voltage, but also help capacitors to be charged or discharged quickly.
In addition, by setting the current limit values at will, devices are protected from overcurrent due to breakdown in semiconductor evaluation.

Selectable ammeter response
Actual ultra-high resistance measurement or micro current measurement is sometimes difficult to make under the influence of the ambient noise environment. However, a need exists for highspeed measurement in a noise-proof environment.
To satisfy demands for various purposes, the 5450/5451 employs the variable gain feedback system and the response speed of the ammeter is selectable. Consequently, there is a choice between measurement highly durable against disturbance noise and high-speed measurement with quick response depending on the application or required accuracy, thus ensuring highly reliable measurement.

Stable measurement of grounded sample
The 5450/5451 is capable of floating measurement. The 5451 has floating measurement capability up to 46 V peak, however the 5450 up to 1000 V peak that enables a DUT grounded at one side to be measured.

Temperature and humidity measurement
JIS K6911 and K6723 specify temperature and humidity as test conditions for material resistivity measurement. The 5450/5451 can measure the ambient temperature and humidity by connecting the recommended temperature/humidity sensor probe.

Interface selection
In addition to GPIB and USB, the 5450/5451 is equipped with a handler interface that can control the timing with external devices such as a automatic machine in a production line. Moreover, the embedded interlock signal prevents unintended voltage output to help operators perform safety measurement.

Preset function for quick operation
For ultra-high resistance or micro current measurement, the amplifier gain, the integration time and the input resistance need to be set according to its purpose. For surface or volume resistivity measurement, the electrode coefficient needs to be set. Like this, various settings are required before measurement.
The 5450/5451 contains ten types of preset conditions for surface or volume resistivity measurement using the accessory, micro current measurement by pico ammeter, capacitor leak current measurement and other measurements. Thus, such a measurement can be started quickly by just selecting the preset condition without long condition settings.
Of course, user parameter settings are also available

5450 or 5451 depending on the DUT status


5451 N/A
DUT status and connection diagram


Maximum display
Voltage measurement Measurement method

Variable gain feedback

Range 1 fA to 20 mA
Resistance measurement Measurement method Voltage application

10 Ω to 3×1017 Ω

Voltage source Range ±1000 V
Resolution 1 mV
1000 V floating measurement 

Available (5450 only)

Sampling speed 1000 readings/s
Sequence function  Available
Interface GPIB, USB
BCD OUTPUT Factory option
Handler IF


D/A OUTPUT Available

*For the detailed specifications, please download the brochure from "Documents."