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Ultra High Resistance Meter
5450 / 5451

Ultra high resistance meter capable of voltage source up to ±1000V, active in chemical and material fields

The 5450/5451 is a state-of-the-art ultra high resistance meter with 5½-digit display that integrates ADC’s traditional technologies and new DC amplifier technologies. It was designed for ease of use so that anybody who operates this instrument can get the same measurement results. The 5450/5451 will be the new standard for insulation resistance measurement or micro current measurement of various kinds of insulating materials or semiconductors.

● High resolution of 5½-digit display
● Micro current measurement: 1fA to 19.9999mA
● High-resistance measurement: 3 x 1017Ω (current function)
● Voltage source: ±1mV to ±1000V
● High-speed measurement: up to 1000 readings/sec
● Floating measurement of 1000V (5450)
● Temperature and humidity measurement
  (with the optional accessory)
● Preset function for easy measurement condition setting
● Sequence program for routine measurement