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8250A 光パワー・メータ Optical Power Meter

Optical Power Meter

  • Wide lineup of sensors are available for each application
    • Three-wavelength optical sensors for 405/650/780 nm
    • Blue-violet sensors to measure 405 nm lasers
    • High-power sensors to measure high-power lasers 
    • Low-priced general-purpose sensors
    • Both thin types and cylindrical types
  • Optical power calibration with wavelengths of 405, 650  and 780 nm
  • 5½-digit display and 0.001 dB resolution
  • GPIB and USB interfaces

The 8250A is a bench-type optical power meter, which is most suitable for R&D and production of LDs, optical pickups, and drives for optical disks. It has 0.001 dB resolution and 5½-digit display and is also quipped with GPIB and USB interfaces as standard, allowing easy automated system establishment.
Nine kinds of optical sensors with various purpose (general-purpose, blue-violet, high-power, three-wavelength) and different shapes (thin-type, cylindrical-type) are available. The three-wavelength optical sensors 82314B, 82324B and 82314BW are capable of measuring 405 nm, 650 nm, 780 nm wavelength ranges. The blue-violet optical sensors 82312B and 82322B have realized a flat wavelength sensitivity characteristic and low dependency on an angle of incidence in the 405 nm range. The high-power optical sensors 82313B and 82323B enable high-power measurement of up to 200 mW.
Furthermore, the optical sensors for the TQ8210/TQ8215 series are also usable.

 405nm 650nm 780nm


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