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DC/DC Converter Evaluation

The following functions are effective for DC/DC converter characteristic test.

- The input current and the output voltage or current can be
  measured simultaneously by synchronizing two units of the   

- ±Source and ±sink by bipolar output
   The 6253 allows 0 V sink which is unavailable by normal     
   electronic load.

Diode VF Temperature Dependence Evaluation

 Pulse current application is effective for power diode characteristic test to avoid the influence of self-heating.

By using the current pulse sweep function and voltage measurement in synchronization with pulses, precise VF characteristic test is available even with large current.

Protection of Overshoot at Capacitive Load

When a capacitive load is connected, overshoot occurs at the rising or falling edge and the DUT may be damaged or the output becomes unstable. 

Using the variable slew rate (SR) function of the 6253 will alleviate voltage waveforms and protect overshoot.

Average Current Measurement [Variable Integration]

 The 6253 allows you to set the integration time arbitrarily from 100 μs to 1000 ms. This makes it measure easily the average current consumption of mobile phones and LCDs. 

As any integration time of the AD converter itself can be set and
analog integration is adopted, there are no omissions in waveforms differently from digital integration, resulting in precise average measurement.

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Best for evaluation of high-precision electronic components by wide source range and 6½-digit measurement resolution